Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's Blessings

Today started with going to get gas as soon as I got off of work at 7am. Wouldn't you know that they were having problems and weren't going to open(I find this out after waiting for 15min). Then I stop at yet another gas station to get gas, I make it home to find the only place for me to lay down is in the living room. Normally this would be okay, but since it is the weekend I knew I would be bombarded with kids at any time. So I go to my room and move everyone around to make space for myself to lay down. I start to fall asleep(it is now 930) and my husband,Andy, gets up to go to the junkyard, no problem. He wakes me up to tell me he is leaving, and then it starts! The kids, different ones each time, wake me up every hour on the hour until I call him to come home. He goes to get them lunch and I am fully awake and VERY CRANKY. I then find out the overnight guest that was to have a ride home by 10 is still here and Andy has apparently told one of our girls that not only would he take her home but he would tote our child to her house for a couple of hours and then return to get her(a waste of gas). This just burns me up because he never has time to take any of the other children anywhere. So me me being very graceful become a total butt head. I later find out that the plan is to invite guys over because there aren't to be any adults at home! Oh well I guess I should look at the bright side.

1. I have a job to come home from

2. I have a car to drive

3. I have a warm place to sleep(even if I don't get much)

4. I do have four beautiful children

5. I have a very loving husband(I just don't always give him credit)

6. I have a computer to vent on when I'm feeling down


Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Days

My front yard looking to the left.
My front yard looking to the right.

It snowed and my kids are very happy. They were scheduled to have Monday, Thursday, and Friday out of school. Now with this snow storm they got Tuesday and Wednesday out and have to go on Friday. These pictures were taken after I got home Tuesday morning (thank heavens for having experience driving in the snow). What normally takes 7 minutes to drive took 25 minutes, but the kids enjoyed the snow!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


In preparation for the fourth annual Sloop beach vacation I am trying new recipes to cook and share with my family. This is the newest one. I thought I would make cinnamon rolls three ways for breakfast after our first day there. Don't they look good!! See y'all at the beach!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Value of Saving

I had promised Victoria and Brandon that if they helped me save up change and keep the house clean that once a month we would use the saved money to either go out to eat at a nice restaurant or go to the movies. Well this has been going well and Brandon looks forward to going to the bank to use their version of a coin star (at the bank they don't charge). Today someone was using the machine when we walked in so I told Brandon to wait. We ha been there for a few minutes when the man said to one of the ladies at the bank it isn't working. So the lady comes over and ask f he had put anything in the machine other than change and his reply was some screws may have fell in. At this the lady in the bank was obviously irritated and pulled all of his change back out of the machine and told him to sort it before he put it back in. Well leave it to my son to say something smart, he said" even I know you only put change in it, duh!" At this the lady from the bank chuckled and I turned red. I guess kids do always tell it like it is.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


As a new tradition my dad and I go to the RV and camping show in Greensboro twice a year and dream. Well my wonderful husband bought me a RV because I wanted one. I thought it was great until I really saw it up close and personal. Now I wonder if it is worth it. I really love having projects, but maybe I'm in over my head on this on! I hope to redo it and park it at the beach. Let me know what you think am I crazy or not?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Since my surgery I have been out of work for two weeks. I thought when planning this it would be good to do it while the kids were out of school, WHAT WAS I THINKING!! I didn't think about the fact driving would be hard so we would be confine to the house, and all of those I'm bored and the sibling fighting. I now have a different level of respect for all the stay at home moms out there. I found myself begging permission for my husband to go to the "Cruz Thru" ( so I wouldn't have to get out and walk)to get anything , I went to the dentist, and the eye doctor. Now it about time for the kids to go back to school and there was still the unfinished Christmas present. Yea that's right the new car stereo that our oldest Ashley got needed to be installed. My husband said he would do this but never got around to it. So I ended up doing it. So I may not be cut out to be a stay at home mom, but I guess I am good at different things.