Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween Pictures:

Life of the Party

To be two months old he already knows how to be "The Life of the

Bath Time

To not be a Sloop biologically, this little man sure does have some Sloop in him. He LOVES the water. When he gets fussy it always calms him down.

Friday, October 2, 2009

picture day

It was picture day at Brandon's school and I guess this is a sign that he is growing up. For the first year he picked out his own clothes and they looked good! I had to take a picture of him.

Brandon and his viola
Brandon is so proud to be an uncle


It has been almost a year since my mother has encouraged all of her kids to do coupon shopping. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about it is where you watch the sales and match them up with your coupons, in doing this you can get really good deals, and a lot of times you can get stuff for free. I love getting a good deal so I really embraced this and have done very well. Over the summer I was able to get a lot of food for our family beach trip for next to nothing. I was trying to clean out my cabinet and straighten it up the other day and my kids took these pictures and told my maybe I needed to slow it down and I quickly reminded them that all the stuff they were holding I got for free!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Being a Grandmother Has Its Perks

  1. You can give them back

  2. You don't have diaper duty

  3. You can give them all the sugar and caffeine you want with out recourse

  4. You get to watch them grow up

  5. You can let them sleep with you with out having to brake the habit later

  6. It's the baby with out the responsibility

My Baby Is Turning Into A Beautiful Young Lady

It seems like yesterday that I was that scared first time mother to be going to the hospital and bringing home the most beautiful baby girl. Time has sure passed quickly and she is growing up in front of my eyes. She is truly beautiful inside and out. I wish the same thing now as I did when she was born and that is for her to have everything she wants out of life. I know what a truly special girl she is, because she has definitely changed my life for the better!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Aiden

I got the phone call at 6:20 yesterday morning that Ashley was at the hospital and had been there since 4:00 that morning. I rush over to the hospital from work to find her in pain and walking the halls. After several hours of ex wife(Ashley's biological mom) ,daddy momma(Ryan's mom), step mom(me) drama; she is ready to push! Two hours of pushing later we welcomed Aiden to the world at 10lbs 2oz and 22inches long at 515pm. Way to go Ashley!!

Stone Mountain

I remember going here with my brothers and sister, having a picnic lunch and "butt busting". I decided to take my kids and relive the experience with them. I have to admit the waterfall seemed smaller, but the water still hasn't got any warmer!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

What are you suppose to do with all this rain?

Now back when I was growing u my siblings and I would have stretched out some of my dad's tarps in the front yard and made a "slip and slide"(this made my dad SOOO mad). Now as an adult I am suppose to find ways to entertain my children on a rainy day, and you think that I would have grown out of playing in the rain. BUT I HAVEN'T!!! I've just changed how I do it. Instead of using tarps and having a muddy mess at my house; we just turn the local park (that's behind our house) into our very own water park and it was AWESOME!!!