Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sister Time

not a good combination

I want to start by saying sorry to anyone that happens to feel the wrath of Heidi and me! Okay now is story time. I went to Greensboro yesterday to meet up with Heidi to give her somethings that our mom had sent by me for her. It just so happens that where we usually meet is close to this really great Chinese place that we both love. It was lunch time and I was hungry and still had 45 minutes before Heidi would get there, so I go order our usual, orange chicken. It is enough for the two of us and I happen to have a clean Tupperware container from the previous nights supper at work. When I get the food I drive to the SHEETZ gas station to wait and go ahead and divide the orange chicken. I start on my egg roll and Heidi pulls in right next to me. She jumps out of the car and swings my door open saying " I know you didn't get Chinese" . I say yes and here is yours. This makes her happy(I am still eating my egg roll with soy sauce poured in it). We exchange stuff and Heidi needs to pee and I want a drink, so we head into SHEETZ. I stop at the door (with two bites of a very hot egg roll left) and tell her to wait a minute I can't carry it in. In my hast to go in( it was cold outside) I shove the remaining egg roll in my mouth and it starts to burn. I am doing that open mouth, suck in air to cool it off when Heidi ask if I am okay. I try to answer which gets her tickled which gets me tickled and I spew part of my egg roll all over the floor which makes us laugh harder because it looks like puke all over the floor. With the remaining part of my egg roll now in my hands we run to the bathroom. We clean up and go to fix our drinks, checkout and exit laughing all the way. After this it is no wonder why we are not invited to go out together with anyone much!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So Which Comes First The Vine Or The Tree

I went to my grandfather's house today to cook for him and pick up my kids who were staying with my mom for the weekend. After lunch we all retired to the porch to visit with Pap. While we were sitting there I picked up a seed catalog and was flipping through the pages and saw a 5 in 1 apple tree like Brandon wanted. Right beside it was a 3 in 1 citrus tree that had oranges, lemons, and tangerines, and Victoria looked very puzzled. Then she says " I thought oranges grew on vines!" Pap started to chuckle and tried to explain to her how big orange trees are.This in its self was funny, but Victoria wasn't done. She then says is that why they always show trees in orange juice commercials? At this point well all lost it. I hope she doesn't end up like Jessica Simpson asking if tuna is fish or chicken on national TV.