Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quack Quack

Sorry to all of my family that received the dreaded fund raiser cards wanting you to buy magazines. My wonderful son came home from school all excited and told me that we had to send them back in the next day so he could get a special prize.

ME: Okay, what is the prize?

Brandon: They are giving us ducks mom!

Me: What do you need a duck for?

Brandon: I don't, but Riley does. You know she will want it for Christmas.

How could I tell this child no on such an unselfish act. So to all of you that received the cards Brandon's wonderful cousin Riley will thank you for the duck! We Love You Riley Grace "Birdie"!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


In my house Halloween is almost as big as Christmas. Growing up it was the only time each of the five of us had a big bag of candy all for ourselves. We would watch Garfield's Halloween, eat a quick supper and head out. When we got home we spent hours trading candy. It has changed a bit since I have my own family. Brandon goes trunk or treating with his best friend and I take Tori out trick or treating. This year was no different except we started with Tori's makeup right after school, By the time Brittany and Ashley got here Tori had gone down the street. Ashley and myself were in my room with the light off watching t.v. when Tori came in. Ashley let out a scream and jumped about a foot off my water bed. This was bad enough, but while trick or treating she scared some of the little kids. I guess this is the last year we will go trick or treating!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My wonderful kids and I went to the beach for a weekend. I love spending time with the kids but everyone should try doing it in a small hotel room. I hope that this little trips have good memories for them. I got to see them freeze together, shop together , eat and sleep together. After this I know why my husband had prefer to pay for our vacations instead of go with us.

Monday, November 10, 2008

starting a business

I have the privileged to help my husband(the one on the left) start a new business. When we got home last night the only thing my kids wanted to know was I missing any fingers( did I forget to mention I am accident prone and my husband lays ceramic tile for a living). When I assured them I had all my fingers but did get two small cuts they insisted on seeing them and finding out how I cut them.Was it with the wet saw, mom? my son asked. No it wasn't. Was it on some tile? my 13 yr old daughter. No . How embarrassed I was to produce two paper cuts I got from the cars owner manual in the door pocket!!