Sunday, September 27, 2009

Being a Grandmother Has Its Perks

  1. You can give them back

  2. You don't have diaper duty

  3. You can give them all the sugar and caffeine you want with out recourse

  4. You get to watch them grow up

  5. You can let them sleep with you with out having to brake the habit later

  6. It's the baby with out the responsibility

My Baby Is Turning Into A Beautiful Young Lady

It seems like yesterday that I was that scared first time mother to be going to the hospital and bringing home the most beautiful baby girl. Time has sure passed quickly and she is growing up in front of my eyes. She is truly beautiful inside and out. I wish the same thing now as I did when she was born and that is for her to have everything she wants out of life. I know what a truly special girl she is, because she has definitely changed my life for the better!