Monday, February 1, 2010

Grandpa is the BEST

I got stir crazy with the snow so I drove out and picked up Aiden to spend some time with, but the problem was he wanted his Grandpa. Andy just ate it up!!
just getting a beard like Grandpa
Hey this water is getting cold
Does that hair come off?
Thanks Grandpa it taste good, it is to be eaten isn't it?
Do I have to do everything for myself?
Don't look down I promise not to pee on you. Are you really that worried?


Anyone who knows me knows that I have trouble keeping a secret, so Christmas brought a new set of problems this year. I had to keep the fact my girls were getting netbooks and Brandon was getting a nintendo dsi for Christmas a secret for almost 2 months!
Thanks Nana! It tast GREAT!


This Thanksgiving was the best yet just watch the video!

My family truly makes me smile, I look forward to each and every chance I get to spend time with them.

What Is She Thinking

I do not know what Victoria was thinking when she got up this morning, but she decided to wear her little brothers clothes to school. Brandon of course thought this was cool so he helped her pick out some clothes and this is how it turned out: